Workshops #1

Posted: July 18, 2011 in SocialBiz

Today I kicked off discussions with our HR team. This is the first of 6 we’ll run as we step through our “Social Intranet” program of work.

The aim was to listen to their feedback and, through facilitation, tease out pain points we might be able to solve with Sharepoint and Social Collab. I’ve spent the past 6months researching E20, Social Collab, game theory and the like getting ready to be the expert in these discussion, while my technical team have been building the core functionality.

What was promising was that 90% of their issues we could go along way to solving. Most of it was technically quite simple and we reiterated a number of times, and it was echoed in their responses, that knowledge of capability and subsequent training was pivotal to their success.

Other usual themes came out such as:

  • Finding information across silos easily
  • Reducing email noise
  • Both providing and consuming relevant, current and transparent information i.e. executive blogs, team wikis and how to’s etc.
  • That social communication be real and that it solicit multi-way participation.
  • The use of rich media such as video to communicate
A key point that was raised by the baby boomer in the room was that the technology such as social collaboration shouldn’t be made mandatory. She shouldn’t be disabled in her work just because she wasn’t naturally inclined towards this “new way of doing things”. What that made me realise is part of the success story includes the ability for these people to find the information relevant to their job while providing a way for them to contribute if they so desire (she doesn’t have a facebook page because she doesn’t understand it). There are alot of benefits to social collaboration but it’s not for everyone, this is hard for a borderline Gen-Y like myself who can’t imagine why you wouldn’t get involved. But so be it, a dimension to the solution that I hadn’t contemplated that is going to be fun to solve.
Have you had this issue? How do you cater for multigenerational teams? Where is the balance between accomodating their needs vs spending the time and effort training and selling the benefits? Would love to hear your stories.
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