Posted: July 19, 2011 in SocialBiz

More and more Im realising that we need a term for the collective social network. There’s even confusion around SocialBiz v SocialMedia v Enterprise 2.0. Every other day i’m reading about various tools to help you manage your social networks, aggregate across them, post to one or more etc. What is really happening is tools are pulling together all that chatter and trying to make conversations from it. I personally use tweetdeck for keyword based columns and lists and Hootsuite to everything else. There’s even a chrome add-in to expose your Facebook and twitter streams in Google+.

I’m going to use the term “chatterverse” to define the collective social networks. Derived somewhat from the Twitterverse but includes all your streams, spheres (blogosphere etc) and other *verses.

Do you think this works? Is it needed or do people just know? Maybe there’s already a term out there I’ve missed in my travels.



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