Teaching an old dog…..

Posted: August 13, 2011 in Uncategorized

With a little bit of searching (and desire) I’ve had two “wow” moments tonight. Some could argue these findings have brought me closer to my obsession but I like to think that it’s made me more efficient and therefore allowed me to move away from my obsession. Semantics aside they are going to help me. I fully recognise that this post might solicit some “Hmphs” and sneers because of my tardiness in finding them but I’ll post it none-the-less. Given I’m reasonably tech & social savvy and I’m just utilising them now means there might just be some other laggards out there that might benefit. J

  1. I love Google Reader. I’m yet to find another RSS reader that is as easy to use and do the things I need it to do. What I really need is an iPad RSS reader that’s as good as the web based Google Reader, but that’s another story.

    I use Google reader for most of my research and staying up to date with topics. Quite often I like to share what I find on Twitter, facebook etc. In the past I’ve navigated to the site (out of the RSS feed), highlighted / cut the URL and pasted into my intended location. For some this is tedious but being a near-digital-native I can do that as fast as my computer will go. BUT reducing the number of clicks is always going to help so it’s with upmost pleasure that I’ve found the “send-to” feature in Google reader.

    Interestingly this is fairly hidden away and not on by default. To enable “send to” for many different social sites navigate to Google Reader, select Setting (seen here with Google+ toolbar) then “Reader Settings”

    On the settings page select “send to” and select your social networks.

    Now on the bottom of each post in Google Reader you’ll find a send to click link item.

  2. The second WOW moment I had was when I realised I could blog to WordPress using Microsoft Word. This excites me mainly because I use the same process to blog to our corporate intranet page and it allows me to simply cut and paste images in-line with my blog. Brilliant!

    To do this, simply open up word, select New> Blog Post.

    When prompted add the URL (for wordpress) as http://<blog name>.wordpress.com/xmlrpc.php and your username and password for WordPress.

    It’s as easy as that.

Sneers and Hmphs aside, I’ve just made my life much easier. Hope this helps you to.

If you have any thoughts on how I can be as productive using both and Ipad and an Android smartphone, I’d love to hear your thoughts, though I’ll continue to play!


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