Google+ V Twitter

Posted: September 9, 2011 in SocialBiz

There’s any number of twitter vs google+ posts out there. While these posts represent many different outcomes for the 2 platforms it wasn’t until I read this post from Business Insider that I realised what I had been thinking all along.

Google+ is nice….though it’s somewhere in between Facebook and Twitter and I really don’t see it displacing either platforms.

My wife did a uni assignment years ago on the difference between creativity and innovation. When is something innovative versus creative? I think the general consensus was that to be creative you need to create something new whereas innovation was taking already used and appying it in a new way. And I think this is where Google+ has lucked out. They have tried to be innovative and not creative. They have taken bit of facebook a bit of  twitter and added a dash of RSS without bringing anything new to the table.

Facebook is built for connecting friends.  Google+ is seriously lacking in this. I’ve got “suggestions” of people who I have no idea who they are. Even when I check them out I’m still struggling to work out how Google has made the association. Facebook’s “magic” trumps Google hands down.

Twitter’s 140chr limit is a saviour in my mind. I subscribe to only a few folk,260+ppl, and even that number means I  have a busy stream. This is coupled further through timezone differences. Most of the folk I follow are US based, this has 2 ramifications. First I miss alot of their posts (during the  my night) and secondly they miss my posts for the same reason.

The single killer (as in bad) feature of Google+ for me is the character limit. I scan my tweets for interesting information. Google+ makes it very hard to scan. I could follow someone interesting in general but a 1 page post (+photos) destroys my scanability so I switch off with “too hard” echoing through my mind.

Prove me wrong here but can’t I achieve Google+ functionality by Tweeting my Tumblr posts and still have the benefit of summary (twitter) and detail (tumblr).

Throw in Tweetdeck’s Facebook integration and I have no real reason to go back to my browser (except maybe for RSS feed?!?)

Am I missing something? Love to hear your thoughts on where Google+ fits in your social tools.


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