Google+ like Citizen Band radio analogy to help the laggards.

Posted: September 15, 2011 in E20, Social Media, SocialBiz

As I noted in a previous blog  enterprise social networks need to accommodate those people that just aren’t into the social networks. Be it generational or otherwise some folk just haven’t gotten into the social scene. The otherwise ubiquitous Facebook profile is pictureless and dorment or used sporadically to “see what the kids are doing”.

So how do you engage this people. As more and more conversations are moved online into discussion boards and microblogs how can you ensure they dont miss out. The simple (though not always realistic) answer is to get them involved and perhaps the way to do that is to use analogies they understand.

This post analogizing Google+ to Citizen Band (CB) radio got me thinking. Is Social Media that different that we can’t find analogies that help the non-tech-savvy employee’s understand the benefits? Sure CB radio was a niche technology appealing to particular demographics (you could argue the same sort that would be all over Social Media now) but perhaps it’s pervasivness in popular culture can still allow you to draw parallel’s like those in the article.

What else is there? The book is a fairly well known communication channel and this post suggests that even that had adoption problems. 🙂

So far my analogy has been spruiking the benefits of a social feed vs an email feed. I’m downplaying the suggestion that email will decline however your social feed will at least be targeted (based on subscription and opt-in) and that it’s all available through a simple search. I ask those, particulary in a service role, how many questions they get asked daily/weekly, when I point out that those questions and answers are now available to anyone without interrupting the answerer they start to see the power. Emails are are dead duck when it comes to sharing historical interactions.

But what other technological analogies will help the non-tech-savvy get on board? What about when phone providers offered conference calls (multi-way comm’s) or answering machines” became commonplace (save the message for later). Even chain letters could hold some analogical power (is that even a concept?) in that a message can be distributed and shared by many (re-tweets, share etc).

By far though the “plain English” analogies used by common craft for Wikis and Blogs are the simplest and most powerful. Yay!

Got any others? There’s bound to be heaps.



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