Connected Enterprise 2012

Posted: September 10, 2012 in E20, Social Media, SocialBiz

Earlier this year I was approach via LinkedIn to be on the advisory board for an upcoming Social Enterprise conference. I’ve been involved in conferences in the past. Sometimes setting them up and running from the conference floor to the comm’s room in my techie days, sometimes as a speaker! But this was the first time helping set the agenda so I jumped at the opportunity to use all the research and industry knowledge I’d built up deploying our enterprise social network at work.

The process was quite simple – comment and expand on a draft agenda – review the 2nd pass that included the other advisory board members comments – then recommend some relevant speakers.

I was pretty impressed with the advisory board, not only because I was pretty much the only non-C-Level but also because of the calibre of companies and thought leaders involved. A great cross-section of industries were represented which meant that the agenda was off to a great start in ensuring it was tailored to the intended audience.

When the final agenda and speaker list came out I was once again pretty happy with what we had pulled together. Some industry heavy-weights (IMHO) were included such as Brian Solis (@briansolis) – the well known thought leader and author, Ross Dawson (@rossdawson) – a Sydney based futurist and seasoned speaker, Cory Banks (@corza) – an enigmatic speaker and collaboration expert and Thierry de Baillon (@tdebaillon) – author and industry guru. Not to mention a similarly great cross-section of industry leaders from well-known companies.

The full line up can be found here and I’ve uploaded the conference agenda here.

I’ll also be speaking as part of the panel for “Collaborative Readiness – designing the social workplace“. I’ll come armed with challenges, successes and hopefully some interesting insights from a real world deployment of an enterprise social network! The next few posts will be around some of those topics but if you have any thoughts, questions or comments be sure to let me know and I’ll try to get them answered.

Of course, be sure to come to Melbourne on the 21st and 22nd of November for the conference. I really believe this will be on the best social business events this year!


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