When marketing just get’s it!

Posted: September 27, 2012 in Marketing

Marketing is one of those dark arts that is part creative, part psychology and part luck!  I know of seasoned marketers who still keep a “Dummies Guide to Marketing” on their bookshelf to make sure they stick to the basics from time to time. We all love the reviews on the “best commercials of <insert year>” and even in Australia there’s always good commentary and debate on the creme de la creme, gold plated (and paid for in kind) Super Bowl commercials.

So I approach marketing as both a cynic but also an admirer when it’s done well. And today I came across some marketing material that I admire.

iiNet is an ISP in Australia that has always had a flair for quirkiness and have deliberately set themselves apart from the others. They’ve had an on-going theme of a geeky irishman (?) spruiking the benefits of iiNet and their marketing has always followed suit. Now I’m not necessarily advocating iiNet to potential customers, I’ve had a good service from them but I’m not the sort of person that has trouble connecting the bits, bobs, thingamagigits and doohickeys together and need to call them for support. I’ll leave others to comment on that.

They sent me this piece of advertising today and I just had to laugh and admire it. In my mind they have nailed not only my behaviour but that of my friends and family. Even if it doesn’t ring true for everyone we can all appreciate the cliche in it. In my mind they have nailed the scenario and used it to their advantage. (BTW – if you are from iiNet and are reading this – feel free to get in touch and we can talk about some remuneration 🙂 ).

iiNet advert

When marketing just get it.


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