Are you burning Daylight hours?

Posted: June 8, 2015 in Uncategorized

Not burning the daylight hours!The 2015 Queen’s birthday weekend was a little different for me this year. For reasons that are beyond the scope of this post I took part in a 2 day safe tractor operation’s course at the Tocal agricultural college a little west of Newcastle.

The weather turned out amazing and on day 2 as the team were slashing a field and using the front loader I found myself sitting on the grass, steel capped boots on and taking in the tractors, bulls, stallions and cows wandering the fields. In this state of mindfulness I chuckled to myself that I might have missed my calling on the land, but there’s still time for that!

Shortly after we were chatting with the trainer who is living the self-sustainable dream. Rearing and slaughtering his own animals, learning new sustainable and organic practices and teaching others. But it was one particular comment that I instantly related back to my current career. He said “I never burn daylight hours“. Of course he was referencing the huge amount of work he needs to get done to keep his “just bigger than hobby farm” going but it made me think – do I burn daylight hours?

If you sub in “productive time” for “daylight hours” it’s highly relevant to anyone. I like the question because it’s not about “burning the midnight candle” that we all know with a love / hate relationship

Do you know where your time is spent? How long and on what? Taking it up a notch, is what you a working on the right thing to be working on?

I might put a sign up somewhere that says “Are you burning your daylight hours?”. It’ll remind me to think about the task at hand, is it the right task? It’ll also remind me of the people working hard to provide an outcome for me (food) while working to improve the practices and processes (business process optimisation?).

Are you burning daylight hours?


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